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NYSE Liffe US - Membership Forms

A Responsible Person is an individual registered to a NYSE Liffe US Member who has accepted responsibility for trading activity conducted on the NYSE Liffe US Derivatives Market(s) under his Individual Trading Mnemonic(s).

To enable a Member to conduct business on the Universal Trading Platform (UTP), it is necessary for a Member to register at least one Responsible Person (“RP”) on the relevant NYSE Liffe US market(s) of which it is a Member. Thereafter, all business on the UTP must be submitted under the Individual Trading Mnemonics (“ITMs”)/Keys assigned to that/those RP(s) registered on the specific market(s).

In addition, a registered RP may request additional ITMs/Keys for additional trading activity for the market on which they are registered. Furthermore, a Member’s Connectivity Administrator (“MCA”) may request a View Only Key to assist in observing trading activity/for systems purposes on the relevant Liffe market(s) for which access has been approved.

Please refer to NYSE Liffe US Rulebook – Section 403 - ITMs User IDs.

Application Process

Member Connectivity Administrator (“MCA”)
The application form below requests information from a Member to register one or several MCA contacts who are authorized to conduct the relevant trader key administration.

Responsible Person (RP)
The application form below requests information from a Member to register a RP associated with an ITM/Key. The ITM/Key will be permissioned for those products in respect of which a Member holds the relevant trading subscription on NYSE Liffe US.

View Only Keys
The application form below requests information from a Member to receive View Only Keys. It should be noted that view only ITMs/Keys can only view market data and do not have trading rights.

eFills Access Registration Form
The registration form below is for companies interested in access to an eFills account


  1. The relevant form needs to be completed and signed by both the MCA and, with the exception of the View Only Key application form, the prospective/relevant RP/replacement RP.
  2. The relevant form must be completed on screen prior to printing off for signature and submission.
  3. The form should then be returned to NYSE Liffe US Market Operations noted on the form or no later than 12:30 hours (Eastern time) on the business day before the day on which the Member wishes the RP to have access to trade and/or wishes the additional ITMs/Keys and/or the View Only Key(s) to be activated.

If a member has any queries concerning the application process, the member should contact NYSE Liffe US Market Operations on 1-866-592-2693 or email

NYSE Liffe US Trading Forms:

Member Connectivity Administrator (MCA) Form
Responsible Person Form
User ID Registration Form
View Only Keys Form
eFills/Drop Copy Access Application Form