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July 19, 2012 NYSE Liffe U.S. Celebrates the Successful Launch of DTCC GCF Repo Index™ Futures
July 11, 2012 June Trading Volumes Announced
June 29, 2012 NYSE Liffe U.S. Celebrates First Year as the Home of mini MSCI Futures
June 07, 2012 May Trading Volumes Announced
May 08, 2012 April Trading Volumes Announced
April 19, 2012 NYSE Liffe U.S. Surpasses $1 Billion in BIC Trading Value
April 10, 2012 NYSE Liffe U.S. to Launch Futures on DTCC GCF Repo Index™ Products July 16
March 14, 2012 LCH.Clearnet, NYPC, DTCC and NYSE Euronext Collaborate To Provide Unprecedented Clearing and Margining Efficiencies For Market Participants
February 27, 2012 NYSE Liffe U.S. Launches Options on Mini Gold and Mini Silver Futures Contracts
February 06, 2012 NYSE Liffe U.S. Names Harvey Flax Business Manager, GCF Repo Index Futures
January 12, 2012  NYSE Liffe U.S. Named Exchange of the Year by Risk Magazine
January 04, 2012   NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces the Launch of DTCC GCF Repo Index™ Futures
December 12, 2011  NYSE Liffe U.S. Surpasses One Million in Total Open Interest
September 20, 2011  First Block Trades at Index Close Executed in NYSE Liffe U.S. mini MSCI Index Futures
August 18, 2011   NYSE Liffe U.S. Passes 100,000 in Open Interest in Mini MSCI Index Futures
August 17, 2011  Citi Clears First Trades on New York Portfolio Clearing (NYPC) with BlackRock 
August 16, 2011 With Expansions and Milestones, NYPC Continues to “Deliver”
June 14, 2011 NYSE Liffe U.S. Reaches New Records in Volume and Customer Participation
May 25, 2011 NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces Enhancements to its Designated Market Maker Program and Publication of Wholesale Trader List for mini MSCI Emerging Markets and mini MSCI EAFE Index Futures
May 16, 2011 NYSE Liffe U.S. Achieves New Milestones in Interest Rate Futures Trading
May 03, 2011 NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces Wholesale Trader List for Block and Basis Trading in Eurodollar and U.S. Treasury Futures
April 13, 2011 NYSE Liffe U.S. Successfully Migrates Futures on MSCI Pan-Euro Index
March 28, 2011 U.S. Treasury Futures Begin Trading on NYSE Liffe U.S. Today
March 02, 2011 NYSE Liffe U.S. to Launch Interest Rate Futures on March 21 and March 28
July 12, 2010 NYSE Liffe U.S. to Become Sole U.S. Exchange for MSCI-Based Futures
April 22, 2010 NYSE Liffe U.S. to Offer Full Suite of Interest Rate Futures
March 23, 2010 NYSE Liffe U.S. Adds Three Independent Directors to its Board
March 10, 2010 NYSE Liffe U.S. Completes Sale of Ownership Stake to Leading Market Participants
October 30, 2009 NYSE Euronext Announces Equity Investment in its U.S. Futures Exchange, NYSE Liffe U.S., by Leading Global Banks and Liquidity Providers
October 13, 2009 NYSE Euronext & DTCC Finalize Joint Venture Agreement to Create New York Portfolio Clearing
June 17, 2009 NYSE Euronext and DTCC to Create Joint Venture for More Efficient Clearing of U.S. Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives
May 26, 2009 NYSE Liffe U.S. to Offer a New Suite of Stock Index Futures Products Based on MSCI Indices
April 02, 2009 NYSE Liffe U.S. Finalizes Transition to OCC as New Clearing House
April 01, 2009 NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces Innovative Futures Incentive Program
February 25, 2009 NYSE Liffe U.S. Completes Major Technology Upgrade
February 19, 2009 NYSE Liffe U.S. Welcomes ASTMAX Co., Ltd. as a New Member Firm
November 10, 2008 NYSE Euronext Appoints Clifford J. Weber as Head of Product Development and Strategy for NYSE Liffe U.S.
October 14, 2008 NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces Clearing Relationship with OCC
October 07, 2008 NYSE Liffe U.S. Announces its Board of Directors
September 09, 2008 NYSE Liffe U.S. Begins Trading
September 03, 2008 Karl D. Cooper Joins NYSE Liffe U.S. as Chief Regulatory Officer
August 21, 2008 NYSE Euronext U.S. Futures Exchange Gains Designated Contract Market Status from Commodity Futures Trading Commission
June 12, 2008 Thomas F. Callahan Appointed to Head U.S. Futures Business
March 14, 2008 NYSE Euronext to Purchase CME Group Metals Complex