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Futures on MSCI Factor Indices Now Available To Trade

NYSE Euronext (NYX) has announced trading volumes for its global derivatives and cash equities exchanges for October 2012.

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Liffe offers a range of futures and options contracts on leading indices like the FTSE 100, MSCI Europe and MSCI World.
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Gain exposure to price movements of entire indices through a single futures or options contract.

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Execute short-term trading strategies with Liffe's weekly/daily options.
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Publication Datesorteerpictogram Abstract Market Product type Notice Number
07 okt 2014 Stock Name: Royal Imtech NV Corporate... Aandelen indices CA/2014/567/Lo expand
05 aug 2014 Corporate Action Notice No. CA/2014/520... Londen Aandelen indices, Aandelenopties flex, Aandelen, Aandelen futures, Aandelenopties, Aandelenopties CA/2014/520/Lo expand
30 jul 2014 Corporate Action Notice No. CA/2014/514... Londen Aandelen futures, Aandelen indices, Aandelen futures, USF CA/2014/514/Lo expand
28 apr 2014 Air Liquide SA Bonus issue Flexible... Londen Aandelen indices, USF, Aandelenopties CA/2014/144/Lo expand
31 mar 2014 EQUITY INDEX CONTRACTS (EXCHANGE... Londen Aandelen indices LON3816 expand
18 feb 2014 Zodiac Aerospace Share split Flexible... Londen Aandelen indices CA/2014/037/Lo expand
06 jan 2014 Sirius XM Holdings Inc Takeover... Londen Aandelen indices, Aandelen futures CA/2014/003/Lo expand
02 okt 2013 Trading Fee Adjustment - CAC 40 Futures Parijs Aandelen indices MO2013-14 expand
04 sep 2013 Hargreaves Lansdown Plc special... Londen Aandelen indices, USF CA/2013/289/Lo expand
30 aug 2013 Appointment of Primary Market Makers in... Amsterdam Aandelen indices AN13/13 expand
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